I don't want to pay by credit card. Can I be invoiced?


Yes. We can send you an invoice. Please complete the "Contact Us" form and let us know which scenario packages you'd like to order.


What's the difference between The North Central Texas Health Care Consortium (TNCTHCC) and the California Simulation Alliance (CSA) Scenarios?


The organizations use their own scenario templates. Click here to view a CSA scenario sample. Also view a TNCTHCC scenario sample.


The TNCTHCC scenarios are for beginning, junior, and senior nursing students. The CSA scenarios can be used by practicing nurses and students.


What are "pre-programmed" electronic files?


Only the TNCTHCC scenarios are available as pre-programmed electronic files (.sce) for SimMan, SimMan Essential, and Sim Man 3G, and (.scn) for Vital Sim, which allow you to easily integrate the scenarios into the Laerdal mankins mentioned above. These files cannot be purchased independently of the various TNCTHCC packages.


How soon can I expect to receive the scenario package(s) after purchase?


The scenarios in PDF format and any pre-programed electronic files you may have purchased will be copied to a thumb drive and shipped within one week of receiving payment.

Can individual scenarios be purchased?


Individual Scenarios are available for purchase from the California Simulation Alliance (CSA). Click here.