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SimScenarios - Medical-Surgical (CSA)

SimScenarios - Medical-Surgical (CSA)

Acute Asthmatic Attack- IPE & Family Communication 
Acute Brain Attack- CVA
Acute Coronary Syndrome- Chest Pain Assessment- Ca
Acute Coronary Syndrome- Hypokalemia/ Vent Tach- C
Acute Coronary Syndrome- Post-Pro Care/ Patient Te
Acute Coronary Syndrome- Prep-Cardiac Cath/ Anxiet
Blood Transfusion Reaction- Anaphylaxis
Blood Transfusion Reaction- Hemolytic or Febrile
Code Blue in Post-Op Colectomy Patient
Community Acquired Pneumonia- Allergic Reaction- C
Community Acquired Pneumonia- Respiratory Distress
Ethical Dilemma
Fluid Volume Overload- Post-Op Mastectomy
Gastro-Intestinal Bleed- Hypovolemia in GYN Post-O
Heart Failure
Hypoglycemic Reaction in Post-Op Patient
Sepsis- Early Recognition
Smoke Inhalation- Chest Pain- Case A
Smoke Inhalation- Code- Case B
Swallowing Deficit- IPE Speech Pathology & Nursing
Total Hip Replacement- DVT
Total Knee Replacement- Post-Op Respiratory Depres
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