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Top Five Advantages of Using SimScenarios


  • Encourages clinical simulation nursing students to utilize the nursing process throughout the scenario development

  • Lists the level of fidelity within the scenario

  • Scenarios can be personalized for the learning needs of your students

  • Use of the scenarios in the template format ensures continuity of teaching between clinical simulation faculty or teaching staff

  • The three levels in this series, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, allow the student to progress through the nursing simulation learning process

Basic - Beginning Student (13)


Intermediate - Junior Student (9)


Advanced - Senior Student (16)


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The North Central Texas Health Care Consortium (TNCTHCC)

The nursing scenarios have been developed by expert clinicians and faculty using evidence based practices. Nursing students and clinicians have pilot tested these scenarios. Revisions and updates (last updated 2008) have been made in response to participants' input and new evidence based practices. -- TNCTHCC

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